258 D. Street
Carneys Point, NJ 08069
(856) 299-2276


Radio Frequencies and Dispatch Tones

Listen LIVE to the Salem County 500Mhz Radio Feed (Radio feed courtesy of Mike Warner, Station 7 Webmaster).  The link above will open a new window and play in your iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Radio Frequencies:

Salem County Radio Frequencies (Trunked System)

501.0375 - Primary Salem County Fire/EMS Dispatch
501.1625 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.2125 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.2250 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.2375 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.2625 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.3625 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.4125 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.5625 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.7375 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications
501.7625 - Salem County Fire/EMS Communications

What am I hearing? What are all those numbers on the scanner? 

Each Fire Department and Ambulance Squad is identified by a station or squad number (i.e., Carneys Point Fire Department and Rescue Squad is "Station 11".  The Rescue Squad/Ambulance dispatched seperate from the full department is identified as "Squad 11". Apparatus (trucks/vehicles) are identified by an additional number by category.

1, 2, or 3 = Engines
4 = Brush Trucks / Field Pieces *
5 = Tankers
6 = Aerial Apparatus
7 = Utilities / Support Units
8 = Ambulances
9 = Rescues
10 = Fire Officers
11 & FP = Fire Police
12 = EMS Officers
Marine (followed by Sta. #) = Marine Units

* in Salem City 6-4 is an Engine, 6-4A is a Brush Truck

If a department has multiple apparatus in any particular category a letter is assigned to identify it.  For example, 11-8 represents Station 11, Ambulance.  Since we have 3 ambulances they are identified as 11-8, 11-8A and 11-8B.

Salem County Radio Tones: Courtesy of John Pelura, Salem City Fire Department

Station 2 Auburn Fire Company Pager Siren
Station 3 Logan Volunteer Fire Company - Pedricktown Pager Siren
Station 4 Liberty Fire Department, Penns Grove Pager Siren
Squad 4 Penns Grove Ambulance Pager  
Station 5 Pennsville Fire & Rescue Company No.1 Pager Siren
Squad 5 Pennsville Ambulance Department Pager Siren
Station 6-1 Salem - Union Fire Company No. 1 Pager and 1 Siren
Station 6-2 Salem - Liberty Fire Company No. 2 Pager and 1 Siren
Station 6-3 Salem - Washington Fire Comany No. 3 Pager and 1 Siren
Station 6-4 Salem - North Bend Hose Company No. 4 Pager and 1 Siren
Station 6 Salem City Fire Department Pager and all Sirens
Squad 6 Salem - Fenwick Ambulance Pager  
Station 7 Deepwater Fire Department Pager Siren
Station 11 Carneys Point Fire Department & Rescue Pager Siren
Squad 11 Carneys Point Ambulance Pager Siren
Station 12 Reliance Fire Company - Woodstown Pager Siren
Squad 12 Woodstown Ambulance Association Pager  
Station 13 Quinton Fire Department Pager Siren
Squad 13 Quinton Ambulance Pager Siren
Station 14 Mannington Fire Company Pager Siren
Squad 14 Mannington Ambulance Pager Pager
Station 15 Elsinboro Fire Company Pager Pager
Squad 15 Elsinboro Ambulance Pager Siren
Station 16 Daretorwn Fire Company Pager Siren
Station 17 Monroeville Fire Company Pager Siren
Station 18 Lower Alloways Creek Fire Company Pager Siren
Squad 18 Lower Alloways Creek Ambulance Pager Siren
Station 19 Alloway Fire Company Pager Siren
Squad 19 Alloway Ambulance Pager Siren
Station 21 Elmer Fire Company Pager Siren
Squad 21 Elmer Ambulance Pager Siren
Station 22 Willow Grove Fire Company Pager Siren
Station 23 Centerton Fire Company Pager Siren
Station 24 Norma-Alliance Fire Company Pager Siren
Squad 24 Norma-Alliance Ambulance Pager Siren
  Salem County Fire Police Pager