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What's New on the CPFR Website

Date posted to Website Topic/Item
7/24/2008 Video and News Story of Church Fire
7/24/2008 News Story on Josh Brandts Wall Project
3/20/2008 January and February Alarms and Top Runners updated
3/17/2008 Additional Photos added to Photo Gallery
3/14/2008 Added Radio Frequency Information
3/14/2008 Added Patches to County Fire/EMS Section
3/14/2008 Updated Associated Organizations Information
3/14/2008 Updated Information on Carneys Point Township
3/14/2008 Updated Alarms Section
3/14/2008 Addition of Videos to Web Site
3/13/2008 Added Patch Exchange Information
3/13/2008 Updated Home page
3/11/2008 MSA Thermal Camera delivered (Click for Details)
3/11/2008 Updates to Photo Galleries
3/10/2008 Updated all appartus pages and added photos
3/9/2008 Meetings, Drills and EMS Training Calendars Posted
3/9/2008 Added Casino Bus Trip and event info to site